Far away from the bustling world, in a warm and affable ambiance stood a genius surrounded by friendly faces.
Friendly, as she knew them, but few with a single face. She'd always wished for someone she could trust, someone to believe word by word. No adulteration, just the truth.
Not a Newton, nor was she a Curie, but who did ever say genius was limited to expression. She loved and blessed, and ideas expressed, acted as an anchor not dragging just steering.
Bothered if people cared, despondent when they said YES. Carried some scars from some ancient wars, which her stature proved she'd won. But the memories left a sour taste, holding her back from devouring afresh.
Her aura made a lasting dent, on whosoever she came across, giving hope to people despite all the hardships she'd went.
Encouraging and boosting the people around, pushing to tear their limits apart. Only lacking her genteel confidence, on how deeply she resembled a melody right from the angel's harp. A true beauty not just a pretty face but inside and out.
Uncertain of her virtues, and a billion other traits,unkempt and unplanned, however it may have appeared, she wished her life to be lived to the fullest.
Her voice ran smooth and her heart was soft, and intellect as huge as her love for dogs. She wanted to pet every creature on Earth, no matter how evil or guileless it was. Living the modern day as an ordinary individual, but the difference they knew whose lives she'd touched.

A Rare Specie of Genius

by ziddharth


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