Hello! Well today was a bit different, i was a little more productive!!! I woke up at 7:15 am , took rowan for a walk, got my heart pumping. Then since i was wide awake, i ate a protein bar, since i was going to work out. I did a little workout and boy i am out of shape. I didn't really realize how bad it was. I am going to continue this schedule since i need to loose weight. Later on with the day, i made few more painted bottles (DIY) project, i also made soup for dinner and surprisingly it turned out great. I finally cleaned out my car, all i need to do is vacuum the floor of the car. Since is still had time left , i cleaned the house again. I know i clean everyday.. I just want the house spotless. You guys im starting to enjoy life more. Im so thankful that david has given me an opportunity to not work and just relax. Thank you guys for reading my posts. Until tomorrow,

Hello! Well today was…

by zellie


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