Im back! Today was pretty exciting guys, i went out. By out i mean i went to the store with my sister. Luckily i didn't have to drive (;. We went to subway and then to Walmart. I picked up some supplies for my DIY, it came out to 36 dollars! Just for paint, flowers (fake) , paint brushes, and gloss for the glass bottles. Expensive! I finally completed my DIY. Turned out alright for starters! If you look at my twitter, you can see the pictures. They're spring colors, so even better. My sister left shortly after we got to my house. I guess her boyfriend was about to get out of work so she wanted to start on dinner. Hey, when the duty calls, the duty calls! Us women strive to do best and we have priorities. Crazy how we make time to do most thing if not all. Yeah! Well luckily for me, i get to slack a little, since david is gone. I still do my regular duties! Not all the time, since i tend to clean up after myself. I have a load of clothes in the dryer at the moment, i know they are dry but i still set the dryer for a few more minutes.. I know you ladies have done this! It can wait! Haha i still need to vacuum! Ill leave that for tomorrows task. I watched another good chunk of Army Wives again, i cried again. I miss david. I miss him so much. He is the air i breath. He is my person. Sometimes i just break down. I try keeping busy, but he is all i think about. Other than that my day went okay, rowan farted again, and it smelled so bad. The worst part he looked at me whenever he cut the cheese. Then the smell kicked me in the face. Perks of having a dog right?! Not. I still love rowan, so much that i let him fart on me. I don't have much to say today but, hey its a start, a journey , and a learning process. Now I'm going to grab the dry clothes, they await the folding! Until tomorrow,

Im back! Today was…

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