I hate how you take the tiniest things out of context; how on one hand you talk about a future together but in the same breath make it clear how ready you are to throw it all away; and at the same time, still blame me for making a big deal out of nothing. I hate this sadness that surrounds me because I know it's a sadness that comes from within; how you tell me I can talk to you yet every time I try, you shoot my words right back down just so you can get yours in first. I hate how you make me feel like anything I ever try to do for you is never good enough; how you involuntarily compare me with things that would make you so much happier but that I obviously am not able to achieve. I hate how you lie to me when you say I make you happy when the list of things I apparently do to disappoint you outweigh any good that might have existed. I hate how you make me feel bad for having trust issues when that is something you brought upon yourself; how you make me feel like it's unnatural even though I'm only human.

words I'll never say.

by yspkt


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