He was there.
He had been there for a while.
He was reading the great philosophers.
He read about how many had been slain, in the name of truth.
He took a long drag of his cigarette.
The smoke kept him going, the coffee was an extra boost.
He looked around.
He thought of Paris.
He was not in Paris.
He was at the all night cafe in Nashville.
Was this just his time and place?
Was this his lot?
It was okay.
Perhaps if he was reading in a cafe in Paris he might wish he was in Rome on a moped swerving through the streets at a fast pace.
He could dream.
Still, his time in Europe was long ago.
He looked around.
There she was.
Sitting right next to him.
She looked a little younger, but not much.
She wore mostly black.
Her shirt and hair was black, but her pants were dark red.
She had style.
It was enough to get him excited.
She glanced over and gave an awkward smile.
He quickly smiled back.
It had been a long time.
He had put on a little weight since college.
Could he still pick a woman?
He hoped so.
This was the all night cafe for his time and place.
Anything was possible.

The All Night Cafe by Robert C

by wofadmap


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