I stare at what's before me
Some simple stupid stone
Yet it fills me with a burning rage
The fog encloses around my body
Suffocating all the living colors
Into a dim dark dank dismal gray
Tendrils of thorn grasp my heart
Bleeding out my flaming fury
Leaving behind that heavy feeling
Sadness replaces madness
I gradually crumple to the ground
Fingers raking the barren earth
Crawling towards the cursed rock
The gravestone, the mark of death
I trace the engravings repeatedly
The name I used to call every day
And now it's on that infernal item
I hope whatever joy I used to have
Seeps into the layers of dirt beneath
Through the buried encasement
And into the other half of my being
The one who stole my soul away
I don't want it back, he can keep it
I slowly curl up into a fetal position
Whispering with a weary voice
"I love you."


by violetpetunia


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