I honestly love school, but don't get me wrong it is no fun 99.9% of the time. And that .1% that it is fun is when you are doing something that will, undoubtedly get you into some type if trouble, but that's how you make memories.
Like last year, my best friend and I skipped class the entire last half of the day and went to the little kids field day. Our teachers did give us permission to be out of the room for the rest of the day, but we were just not where we were supposed to be. At one point we were in a Coach's classroom, who we knew left a stack of hamster coloring pages on his desk upon request, coloring like we were in kindergarten. We were walking the halls when several of our friends were running past us, we had no clue that the principal was right behind them. We all hid in the bathroom for like five minutes, and we were sure he was gone. We made our way to the gym where we spent the rest of the day taking and hiding.
We will have an unforgettable memory to share at our twenty year reunion, that our kids will be jealous of. So, don't worry if you get in trouble, just have fun and remember, stay classy not nasty.

Have Some Fun! :D

by victoriaalana1998


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