Got you some flowers
From a thorny brush
You threw them away
In the morning rush

Got you some cake
For your birthday
And when you wake
It's just another Monday

Took you to places
Beautiful beyond belief
Stared into your eyes
Feeling a sigh of relief

Whenever I looked at you
You had no time to say
All the things about
How I loved you every way

And then came the fights
The deep scars and open wounds
Inflicted upon me by a woman
Out of bounds

You gripped at my heart
You tugged my strings
I gave it all to you
I wanted to give you wings

To see you fly away
To see you soar by the bay
I saw you tied down
By an anchorweight

Like an overload of love
That you started to hate
And I let you go
Never knowing

That you reap
Only what you sow

So I now I stand
Alone on a cliff
Wind in my hair
My expression stiff

And I open myself
To possibilities anew
But none of these women
Will ever be


Not One Is You

by trollonish


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