Wildflowers were growing by the path she always took on her way to the woods. Her pace slowed down as she watches them sway in the softly blowing breeze. She would stop occasionally, bend down and touch them gently. Treating them like the rarest of flowers, unmindful to the fact that they were growing everywhere. She would admire their beauty and follow their gaze up to the bright afternoon sun. She squints at the brightness and tells herself "Why do I always do that?" She bathes under the sun for a few minutes and proceeds to her destination.
There by a gently flowing river, under a canopy of green that reaches towards the heavens, a seat is reserved for her. She listens to the water flowing.
The leaves rustling, joining in the symphony.
"What am I doing here?" She would ask herself.
A nagging question she could never find the answer for.
All she knows is of a longing that's deep inside that she needed to find. She found herself in her solitude. The trees, the river, the sun, the breeze and the wildflowers were all silent witnesses to the finding of the lost girl who always took the same path on her way to the woods.


Wildflowers were growing by…

by soulhearts


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