The House I Live In

I live in a place where the walls are uniformly lined Evergreens.
The ceiling is of white puffy cumulus clouds painting the blue sky.
The floors are made of moist green grass dotted with pink and yellow wildflowers.
The air is a scented mix of freshly watered earth and sweet lavender.
Where the birds chirp a constant lullaby
and the wind blows whispers to the tune
of the rustling leaves.
Butterflies and fireflies frolicking lovers here.
Never tiring, prancing till dusk.
Where the sun daily rises to dance and play with lights and shadows.
I drink from a cold running brook that refresahes my spirit and
eat from freshly plucked blossoms
that perfumes my soul.
I sleep to the sound of ripples
set in a minuet of moonbeams.

This is your house.
The house I love
and the house I live in.


The House I Live…

by soulhearts


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