Sometimes I wish that I do not feel deeply as I do.
To not just see the colors of the sunset but to feel it on my skin.
To not just see the flowers but to smell them on me,
To not just hear the wind but to feel it in my hair.
To not just see the trees but to be a part of its branches.
To not just swim in the ocean but to drown in its depths.
To not just look at the stars but to shine with them.
To not just write words but live them.
To not just look at you and see your soul.
For to feel deeply only brings clarity.
That the only truth I find is with my Maker.
For to see your eyes is not just to look at them.
But to know that I am a fool.
To know that I am living a lie.
That it is a choice I make
To be vulnerable.
To be deceived.
I know.
This is why I do not wish to feel deeply as I do.


Sometimes I wish that…

by soulhearts


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