She glows with the light of her inner infinity.
She smiles with a thousand rays of light.
She moves like a child of the nocturnal winds.
She sings like a Goddess is love, by night.

Call her beautiful, and she will appear.
Call her fierce, and she will smile.
Call her friend, and she will speak.
Call her woman, and she will spoil.

Not a soul knows where ever to find her.
Yet, among merry-makers she feasts.
With the old folk she dances at midnight,
And toward daybreak, she travels east.

Sailors have seen her smiling by the shore.
Fishermen have weathered away in her wait.
Pirates have killed to capture her glow.
But none can possess her, by the design of fate.

For she now lives admit the magic of the dark,
Which so few have discovered and clutched.
She lives at the centre of the stars and the skies.
She is forever more, moon touched.

Moon Touched

by sanakhuraishi


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