Allah subhana'tala told Musa alihi'salam to be nice to Firaun. Firaun tried to kill Musa alihi'salam when he was just a baby. Firaun killed a thousand babies every year. He called himself God. There’s so many reasons to hate Firaun and Allah subhana'tala says when you go to him, be nice to him. If you have to be nice to Firaun, what about your wife? What about your husband? your children? your parents? your siblings? your cousins? your uncle? These are the people that make us angry. Family makes you really angry, I know. But these are the people that deserve the softest responses from us. We have to change the way we behave with them.

“ Allah (swt) told Musa (as) to...

by ruzmakhan9


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