#Book Review - Born To Magic(Tales of Nevaeh) - David Wind

What a thrilling adventure awaits those whose tread among the pages of this tale. I was swept up and held hostage from the very first to last pages. I was so enraptured with this tale that at it's ending, I immediately purchased the balance of the series in a boxed set.

Nevaeh, although a wondrous place holds a very dark, horrendous past; one that left them virtually decimated. These characters are survivors who although beat the odds, know that if they do not continue to learn from the past, the past is doomed to repeat itself. The Old Ones fanatical in their attempts, wish to control it all and destroy these survivors.

The two main characters Areenna and Mikaal have been tasked to use their magical powers to defeat the old ones. Mikaal is the first male to have this ability leading others to mistrust and/ or harbor resentment of him (and the entire male species). After all, it was the male species who were dominant, ignorant and unthinking, ultimately causing the destruction of the world around them. The author does an phenomenal job rendering fact with fiction, and utilizing the residual effects of terrorism and nuclear holocaust as the basis of their past.

The fact remains that without each other, these two young characters will fail. Complimenting each other in a way that is unimaginable to others in their world. It is a massive undertaking for them to face the evil that wishes to destroy all mankind.

The author keeps the story fast paced and exciting, as there are many trials and tribulations that these two must face. They do not always face it alone, and are supported wholly by the author's incredible development of the secondary characters. There are so many fantastic, complicated characters in this story including the "evil" ones, that I would be hard-pressed to have to choose one as my favorite.

Along with the gripping action, are the breath-taking and intricately detailed settings. I was immersed fully with the characters as they traveled to multiple locations in their world (at least what was left of it after the past nuclear wars). They were the perfect back-drop for what was to come. The author made it incredibly easy to follow these characters, visualize their actions, feel their emotions, all the while holding your breath as destiny lead them.

An wonderful addition to authors on my must-read list; I certainly look forward to reviewing the rest of the titles in this entertaining series.

#Book Review - Born To Magic -

by robingreenhalgh


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