I used to feel empty, like my life had no purpose, in all the places I went I didn't understand why I was like that
That was my problem however, I looked on the outside to try to find my purpose, my path, my destiny
We all have two choices, make our own destiny or have someone decided it for us
We have the freedom of choice, friendship, war, hatred, love
We have the freedom to be who we want to be, we don't have to let someone tell us what we are for us
You can pick your own life or you can have it picked for you, it's as simple as that
The rising sun doesn't stop for you, the setting moon doesn't wait for your approval
So why spend the rest of your life being someone else's pet instead of being you, I just don't understand
This world is too short to live for people's approvals
Weather it's your parents, siblings, bosses, even God
The key to finding your purpose is in you
Don't forget that you have two choices, and only one answer
That answer is up to you, but if I were you, I wouldn't wait for someone to tell me what to do,
That's not how your gonna have your own purpose
That's not how your gonna have your own happiness

It's your choice

by ricricjason


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