Don't judge based off things that you hear.
Even your eyes deceive you to things that are near. 
My grandmother told me to always do your best and God will take care of the rest. 
And you will forever be persecuted because of the heart in your chest.
The hate will be unfounded, the most by those you've never named or inflicted upon distress.
Hold on to faith, even Jesus asked why do these things come to pass.
I've lost my mind trying to decipher this place and find common sense.
Hades opened gates and through flames my spirit went.
Nothing taunts me anymore, the haunting is absent.
I meditate and astral travel to places not known to man.
Me and God had a conversation he said no one's perfect so I found acceptance in this realm of primitive subordinates.
And arrogance is flawed, validation comes from within.
And for your repentance and courage amongst women with supreme knowledge you'll be blessed.
And man searches for allot of things but in his quest has lost himself.
Divine truth is the way of the Gods amongst men.
And I never cursed the Lord eventhough I've been through Hell.
Warriors of the rainbow don't flake nor do they dispel.
And the things we all go through makes us wiser so don't hide from pain it's your most honest friend.
And love doesn't wound so it won't hurt when you come to understand that it's not something you can grasp.
Indigo's go through through life as rebels and against limitations all my demons been repelled.
And few have been disclosed to insight and the greatest love is the one who lays his life for another not only for a friend.
To have enemies is to have hate for a mortal being, from this dimension we shall all perish in the end.
I removed myself from the systematic labyrinth, fell into the abyss but found myself.
So who are you when you depart from the ways of the world and material wealth?
Even when you stumble, seraphic virtues are innate so don't be mortified.
That cross I was wearing ain't no burden I've been resurrected after being crucified.
No misery cause history teaches that all prophets in their lifetime get vilified.

~Rebecca Jacqueline~

Getting acquainted with the High...

by rebeccajacqueline


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