Loving Patience

"Love is patient," but I'm prone to impatience. I don't want to serve. Rather, I want to be served. I seek my own happiness. Sometimes, even at the expense of others. I'm just selfish. Simply ugly. Fallen and depraved. But true love seeks the happiness in the happiness of the beloved. The loved. Love will even suffer and die. Catch a grenade and jump in front of a train. Love is patient because patience is a dying to selfishness. The belief that in this dying, I will find a far greater joy in the joy of the ones I'm seeking to love. The beloved. The loved. Patience is humble and not permissive. Neither is it passive. It is just a relentless trust. All it asks is for me not to get angry or upset. So press on. How fitting! Because sometimes, the pressure builds. But, I must remember what I'm filling my balloon with. Will my balloon sink or will it float? Will I rise to the occasion or will I fall hard to the ground? Patience is an act of grace. So, be gracious. Be patient. Be love.

Loving Patience

by pilgrimsr


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