Ethel walked along the thin path though the field in the rain sobbing. She never wanted Harvey to have second thoughts on their relationship since they had been through everything together-but he did..and she couldn't change that. She thought this was the end of her..and life.

Young Ethel went months thinking of dramatic thoughts of drinking unsafe amounts of alcohol and taking overdoses of pills. Her close friend Stefan tried comforting her as much as he could,he told her he would always be there for her,to guide her from the wrong path of life and down the right one,he was always going to be by her side..like Henry used to be..but isnt..and never will be. He tried to make her realise that things could get better if she just kept her head up,But the thing was she really didnt have her head on the right track ever since Henry left her life..she thought nothing was left,that nothing was going for her..when really everything was right there in front of her,but she just didnt realise yet..

She'll Soon Realise.

by paigebankierxo


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