Lord, if you be at all, be a blade

"Dance. Nigerians are not sad."
So I must drown myself in loud music
Move my head to meaningless lyrics
Yet, I am plagued by demons of despair
My mind is caving in around me
And I am a mere spectator, yet
"Dance. Nigerians are never sad"

"Choose to be happy. Is this for attention?"
Because I will allow myself this torture
To be haunted by this devil sadness
For a mere few seconds of your life
How grand.

"You have made contracts with water spirits"
I do not like fish or even water on my skin
Yet, this seems like the answer
To the evil darkness that clouds my mind
Turning me inside out

I am ill
Still, they offer ignorance
Cage me for "choosing" to be ill

Lord, if you be at all, be a blade
Slay my demons
Ignorance too.



by osondu


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