Sometimes all these questions come up in my head. Sometimes they make me want to cry, because I have no answer to them. Sometimes they can be so intrusive that I've got the feeling that my head will blow up.
This is one of those 'times' where my head's full with pushy questions and theorems and then my mother walks in to ask me another one. Like my head wasn't filled up yet. But still, I'm always happy when she walks in. Because she'll never ask me a deep question, it will be about her clothes or shoes or make-up. Thank God that clears my head most of the times.

This is one of those 'times', so therefore I decided to start this blog. To put everything in the right place inside my head.

Your not so typical girl

PS: Sorry if my English isn't all that, I don't speak it where I live.


by notsotypical


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