So we all must have faced this phase in our lives, where once we were so close to a particular person, you used to talk to them whole day, you used to share your daily life events and every small detail that happened with you. Your days and nights used to end up with them either by being together or miles apart. Distance doesn't matters when people are connected by soul. And than, there comes a time in life when all of a sudden we stop interacting with them.
I'm going to paraphrase Eminem here, "Life is a crazy ride, and nothing is guaranteed", and for sure we never know what life has to offer you in the next seconds or minutes or hours or even a day. It can be a sudden moment of huge happiness or equally a moment of deep sadness. We never know to whom we're talking for the last time or meeting for a last time. Or may be, you meet them happily today, you spent a good day with them and at the end of the day when you're about to leave you hug them or kisses their cheeks and part your ways for the day, and all of a sudden the next day they found someone more important than you've ever been to them. And of course, we're so addicted to them on a daily basis, so we beg them to stay, we say sorry for the things we didn't do and we try every possible thing to make them stay. But in return, all they do is to leave. And when someone asks isabout them or their well being the first things or words comes out as, "We have stopped interacting, and we don't talk anymore". We find so heavy to speak those words.
Give your worth, your time to someone who respects it and not to someone who isn't capable to stay in you're life be it a friend, family or your loved ones. Don't make yourself a sea who owns the waves but not the directions.
Stay happy 珞

So we all must…

by neha_2898


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