"Lift the Veil, Let the Truth Prevail"

Would it be a Herculean challenge for you, for once, to look a fellow being and say, oh he or she is a soul, just like me?

Identities have changed over the course of human history. What was once identified as a vast empire, now may be composed of smaller, warring states. Vice-versa. This balance of power, is but a pendulum, oscillating through the sands of time.
Borders have simply never remained the same. Today, you may identify yourself as a citizen of a state, with pride. Did you forefathers identify themselves as the same? Have they always done so? No. Identities change constantly. Your descendants might have a whole new idea of "identity" itself.

This division of beings is a viscous cycle.
Dividing and segregation is a never-ending cycle.
You can divide people on basis of anything and everything.
You may be a feminist, and simply regard yourself as a woman. Or belonging to a religion or a particular sect of it. Further, of a caste within your own culture. Or as popular today, of a particular "society".
If you're a fan of Karl Marx, then your identity would be your "class" and your sense of belonging would be with those of the same class.
I rather not elaborate further on this, it's endless, you see.

That brings us to the fundamental question.
Then what is it that remains constant?

What unites us?

We all are born and we all die.

We all seek love.

After reflecting deeply upon human behaviour, I've come to realise, the underlying essence of existence is that of seeking love and acceptance.
Some disguise that as a naked struggle for power. Disguising their own insecurities, and seeking acceptance in the form of wealth and position.

Yet others, more enlightened if I may, may do so by means of expressing love to fellow beings.

We all want to be appreciated and accepted for who we truly are, don't we?

Just take a moment to breathe and realise,

What is it that really matters to you?

What are you even here for?

- Natalia Awasty

"Lift the Veil, Let…

by nataliaawasty


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