What can I say
I wish you would feel the same way
I would die for you, take my life away
Every night I prayfor you to shine and never feel grey
On a rainy day,
I want to be with you and stay
Lay with you. What do you say?
--I am the epitome of inelegance--
You do not give a damn if I am okay
To move out of your wayWith my heart, you play
This is the price I pay
For all the emotions I convey
I feel like it has stopped, my heart, the airway
Smokes me up and dipped me in an ashtray
What do I feel? betrayed. dismay
I guess the only man who will ever love me is mi padre
Searching for love like a needle in hay
Maybe, my time will come if I just wait...

What can I sayI…

by mylifeinpoetry


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