Make up everything
Of beginnings and ends
Their scarcity bemoans
Bloviates, a surplus

Redundantly essential
Ineffably surreptitious
Sweet as poison
Bitter as honey

Redeem or repugn
Make or break
Hollow and shallow
Pollyanna’s bellow

Affirm and strengthen
Aware and embolden
Shatter and destroy
Deceit and make-believe

All said and done
Some said, rarely done
None said, all done

Etched and preserved.
Begone and forgotten.

Akin weapons, Sharper
Impact deeper, Invisible
Incongruous ferocity
Transcendental tranquility

In praise or prejudice
Encomium, decoration
Epitaph, desecration

Vows and promises
Charms and chants
Stories and fables
Fact and fiction

Cursed blessing
Sanctimonious sin
A holy verse
If emanates from within.

WORDS, a poem.

by mukundkedia


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