I am from Kleenex

from chlorine and Dawn

I am from the cozy, worn down couches in the big, white living room with tall ceilings

I am from the delicate purple flowers, blooming only in the morning, snaking around the rails of the stairs leading to the backyard

The two giant oak trees, towering over the glistening pool

I am from horseback riding in Arkansas and eating rice every single day

From Albert and Songshan

I'm from putting up the Christmas tree every winter, and then forgetting to take it down until summer

I'm from 'do your homework' and 'feed the dog'
and 'Jesus Loves Me'

I'm from Dallas and China and dumplings and noodles

From when a pole fell on my brother and he had to get staples in his head

All of my memories, and hopefully many more, stored in my mind, reliving them every day as I see my family and the people that I love

by Rachel

by mrskriese106


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