Emma Bernice

I am from
writing forwards and backwards through time

the rustling leaves that move as the hushed wind whispers a call to adventure

composing a song, writing an inspiring piece or an awestruck work of art

the canvas-like sky that changes throughout the day

tea parties from dawn till dusk

family stories passed down from generation to generation

Christian Faith, Holy Bible, John 3:16

contagious laughter and happiness

a musically gifted family and varsity choir

rain drops that land on my nose and eyelashes

Germany, Czechoslovakia, America

the aroma of garlic, tomato sauce and pepper

from homemade spaghetti my mother cooks on special occasions

warm hugs and inspiring whispers my mom provides when I'm down

never ending love that comes from both sides of my family

But I am truly from the amazing family that God made me

by Emma Bernice

by mrskriese106


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