I am from the sensational smell of chocolate brownies

and chocolate chip cookies

I am from the occasional Big Mac (even though my friends don’t approve)

and the taste of turf on the football field, as I accelerate across it

I am from Blues Clues and Monsters Inc.

and Christopher and James playing with me in the backyard

I am from Hershey Park

and the Fahrenheit

From Cooperstown Dream Park

and smacking baseballs down the sideline

I am from throwing up in the parking lot

and begging to stay longer

I am from road trips

and sandy beaches

From huge towering waves

to no waves at all

I am from climbing tall trees

and never falling out

I am from my uncle Al who passed away

From going to Philly once a year

I am from pasta

from Sundays at my grandma and grandpa T’s house

and hide and seek with my cousins every week

I am part of the family tree

a leaf that’s hanging tight

From Joe and Theresa’s branch

I am from all these moments

stored in a memory box deep under my bed

I only have one chance at life

it will be gone in a blink of an eye

so I’ll always treasure my memories

and never let them go

by Joseph

by mrskriese106


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