Ghazal for Goregaon

Someone's going astray in Goregaon.
We're all lost halfway in Goregaon.

A junkie writes a song of despair
and then listens to reggae in Goregaon.

Varun could have played for India someday.
His failure is already a cliche in Goregaon.

He who drowned at the Ganpati Visarjan
was declared lucky next Monday in Goregaon.

A woman is eager in the Westin lobby.
Who is she about to betray in Goregaon?

Oberoi International costs six lakhs a year.
How affordable is a school day in Goregaon!

Carbon's forming compounds in the air.
And people will destroy Aarey in Goregaon.

What is upsetting mothers these days?
So many died last May in Goregaon.

Flyovers disagree with my life's path.
But Mihir is here to stay in Goregaon.

Ghazal for GoregaonSomeone's g

by mihirchitre


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