"What is our true self?
Our true self is not our creation, but God's, our Source Energy. It is the self we are, in our depths. It is our capacity for divinity and transcendence.
In other words our true selves are always guiding us towards the wellspring of lasting enjoy. Our true self innately know what we need. We came hard wired with a pure awareness that is aligned with the universe in a magnificent and harmonious way. It is our choice to connect with this awareness, this cosmic energy force or not. ...There is an Omnipresent Force that is energetically co-creating the universe. This Energy supports us in realizing our highest needs: love, truth compassion, creativity, our goodness. This true self, who we really are, wants us to expand, to evolve, to grow, and thrive.
The more we allow the energy of our true selves to rise up, the more attuned we will be to our lives' divine plan and the more our desires and our intentions will guide us. And, attract the energy of the universe to help us towards the highest expression of ourselves. which is what we all innately yearn for. That is what we came here to do."

"What is our true…

by maree


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