Post Scriptum

It was suppose to be magic,
It was not.
No fireworks,no sparks
Just my lips hot.
His were distant,so far away
Even his touch was too distant to stay.
Away it all went once and for all
But memory is still now barely gone.

Nothing to remember,nothing to hold
But maybe I was too proud to say
Something was wrong.

There was no plan for that kiss,
I was unprepared to taste the freedom
That was already there.

My future was bright,I had dreams
Until I met you for whom my heart beams.
You took it away with just a first kiss,
That very one you now hardly miss.

I was so mad you decided on your own
To take away my first,my one and my only loan.

Anger went away but so did you,
With the world on your hands
You had quite a view.

P.S. There was no kiss,no future,no loan,
Just you and your laugh already gone.


Post ScriptumIt was suppose…

by kostur-u-kaputu


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