The Vessel.

I am stronger than you.
I am more, much much more than you think I am.
I am capable & original. You, are merely a carbon copy of what you see in me, a reflection on my shining surface, shaken into pieces with the touch of my hand.
If you dared to dive deeper, you couldn't comprehend my fathoms,
Because I am nourished in all ways, balanced where you are tipped so easily into paths that are not your own to walk.
I follow my bliss, and listen to the call, the one from inside my heart, not the one echoed by ego mind, not by the person I wish to project, but by the person I cannot help but be, my true nature is my only reflection in others eyes, your eyes, you see.
Oh yes, I am wilder than you! Wilder than your wildest ideas, dreams and passions, wild in the sense that when I roam and hunt, I catch my own fears and eat them for breakfast. I run towards my realest self and look her straight in the eye until my nose bleeds red. I can wrestle my darkest nature and still survive, whilst you are eaten alive, you do not thrive in the real grit of true self.
I am fearless, fierce and feisty, I am not afraid of the dirt under my nails or my real body, the one that's mine, that changes shape to suit my emotions, my wisdom, my years. I am not a measured thing like you. I do not wish to be smaller or lighter or less in anyway. I wish only to be stronger. I have more weight than numbers can hold.
My knowledge overwhelms you. For all the years you have spent bowing to your youth, I have spent the same bowing to my mind, and now the quicksands take so quickly away what you thought was infinite. My beauty is thought up, not looked upon.
I can see why you want what I have. I can see why my authenticity scares the shit out of you in your world created from false idols and ideas.
I can see why you hold me higher than I hold myself and I can see why you want to consume me,swallow me whole until you are me and I am no one.
But you see,
I am the reign of fire and the rain of water. I am the air you breathe and also the dust that chokes you.
Because my legacy is my own. It has already begun, it is already here on this earth with it's dragon wings and I am merely the vessel. This is what you dare not comprehend -
All this is me, but not mine.
See the distinction.
Your waters allow no depths to wade, no dark to shade, no dirt to Brave. To you, it is your status, your reflection, your outwardness that you wear your jewels upon.
This is not the way of the vessel, this is merely the way of the royal.
You cannot make yourself from my scraps. Try on different colours until you find your own reds and blacks.
The more you walk in my shoes, the more you will forget where you have placed your own.
Look now upon your own divine nature, for mine has work to do, proud work, serving work, legacy work, it cannot concern itself with your shadow any longer.
You have made me the plaster for your pain.
clean your wounds woman,
make some scars.
Find your own storied skin again.
And when the day comes that you are your own person, in your own shoes, on your own feet, with thoughts original and full to the brim,
I will dance your dance and bow my head in your honour,
for you are so much more than you think.
More than me, more than all,
for a strong vessel cannot sink.

#poetry #jealousy #envie #copy

by katsavage-oxeyedaisies


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