Soooo till today I’ve had only 3 runs this year. Not surprisingly, first one was on the 1st of January, as a symbol of my intension to eventually incorporate running in my life as an essential part, as a passion. The second one was a recovery after my long-lasted flu and then allergy when I realized I could fight against crazy minus temperature with my new shield babes and thermo training jacket and tights I spent much money on. Then I moved to my hometown hoping to begin an intense preparation to my Paris half marathon and met -20C, what was definitely big OOOPS, hey looser. No preparation, no running, no even cycling and swimming pool. There was one shameful effortless attempt to run in the gym, what was exhausting and quite embarrassing.
So today it’s finally warmer than all previous days and I had no choice run or not. I was fed up with unfair fact that my backpacks were loaded with running staff and it was useless mostly all my holidays. 
Happily today it was an act of love. I was running and thinking about my grandmothers who were actually our neighbors inasmuch as my original grandparents died or lived in other cities. I was deeply in memories about our walks and talks, all our love and care, comparing how houses and streets and people and everything had changed. About me 5 years old and me soon turning 20. About hopes and choices, all plots of my life I could imagine. I was thinking about these things because I was running the routs we walked every day in my childhood and my favorite park where I spent multiple hours. So I ran for love and because of love and now it’s first time when I’m not trying to say just to say, to let other people know that running for me as meaningful as for them.
Let this part of my life being free of pressure, achieving acceptance from other people, stereotypes about when how and how much I should run. 
I am as I feel. That’s it for today
Thank God

Soooo till today I’ve…

by katherineantonova


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