March 16, 2014, 11:34 PM
There’s something downright magical about Saturday Night Live. Every Saturday for decades, now, a group of friends has sung and danced and played for millions of Americans and a (probably large) group of foreigners. They get artists after artists all on that terrible stage and they give a mediocre performance by nearly everyone’s standards. I, personally, see the sheer beauty in forces united through what they’ve seen. I’m not talking about two victims of the same shooting who lived to share the tale together; I mean, just the way that two people can call each other across the continent and have a chat over coffee about the latest skits and antics of SNL.
My dad always talks about one year, there was a skit that was just two people whose names i can’t remember singing “Baby, It’s Cold Outside”. How incredible is it that now, decades later, he remembers that as his favorite cover of that song? It’s absolutely amazing that people can do things on TV that other people will remember for years and years––where other people probably have never heard of it, much less remember it. Isn’t that amazing? Isn’t that sad? It’s hard to remember things I learned in school last week, but pretty much anyone over the age of 20 has a favorite SNL skit. I want to write words that live forever. I want to write words that make other people want to write words––or, better yet, I want to write words that make other people wish they could write words like mine. I want to embody SNL.


by julietohara


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