His Word is the same, yesterday, today, and tomorrow. (Hebrews13:8)

After Sunday service, a lady and her daughter came for prayer. They were wearing the heaviness of their hearts. The daughter began to tell me their mother has a mass (cancer) in her brain. This is not God's report but only a diagnosis to reaffirm and build their faith. We stood on God's Word believing for healing that by Jesus stripes she is completely healed. We praised the Lord as we felt His peace surround us. I gave her my number just in case she wanted me to visit her at the hospital. I received a phone call a day later of her testimony. She had gone directly to the hospital after church only to find her mother packing her bags, the doctor had released her and the mass was completely gone.
doctor had released her and the mass was completely gone. I was at the store when I received the good news of God's miraculous healing, I was shouting with joy as onlookers stared. Today the ordinary became extraordinary!
Be encouraged today God hears and watches over His Word to perform it!

His Word is the…

by juliechristianson


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