Father God,
Hallelujah! Praise God! As we embrace 2016, a new year full of promise... of divine blessings. Lord, may Your love and peace be with those who have lost a loved one, those who are facing health issues, the homeless, anyone who needs an extra touch from You.
Oh Lord help us to be whom you called us to be, authentic Christians, a people that reflects Your character more than our image. Show us how to depend on You more and more! Let Your Word take first place in our hearts so that Your light shines brightly in our homes, workplaces, church, wherever we may go. As we make our New Years resolutions let us keep Your perfect will above everything else. Help us to remember to serve You with a selfless, humble heart, one that brings unity to the body of Christ with one purpose that together we will accomplish Your divine will in 2016.
On behalf of my family and friends, I declare divine health, prosperity, and success in all you do. Love you all! God bless♥️

Father God, Hallelujah! Praise

by juliechristianson


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