"The Word became flesh and made His dwelling among us." John1:14
Only a loving Father would do this, how powerful is His Word. The Son of God would become the Son of Man so that we might be sons and daughters of His. Soaking in the knowledge that our Creator became a human to help us walk out our Christian life is nothing but amazing... pure love!!!
The Words of our Lord are powerful... if the Word became flesh think about how the Words of our Lord can heal. Let the healing scriptures of our Lord cover your flesh today, the light that can overshadow any darkness.
Let God's Word become the foundation of your life.
Father God, thank you for becoming the Son of Man so that we might have a deeper knowledge of who you are. Let our hearts be filled with your Words so we can fulfill Your purpose in our lives. Amen

For the word of God is quick,

by juliechristianson


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