Everyday is a gift... when we open the gift there is freedom. Our freedom was paid at a high price on the cross by Jesus. The definition of free is not fixed or held down, able to move without hinderances, to be set in liberty. Many people are held back by their insecurities, fears, hang ups, negative patterns, isolation, and other bondages. I believe we often try to fix things by our own means instead of realizing the most important thing to do is getting on our face before Almighty God and praying in faith. We need to humble ourselves before God and quit thinking and acting as if we have it all together. One thing I know for sure is we can't fool God, he knows us inside and out. The truth is every Word of God and every principle in Scripture frees us from bondage. By putting our trust in God, the author and finisher of our faith we become free.
Father God, help us to live to please you first above the world. Your freedom is secure, abiding and true. Be our help to pulling down any destructive things that would come to take the life of freedom and liberty in you. In Jesus name I pray. Amen

Everyday is a gift...…

by juliechristianson


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