I'm sorry .
For what ?
For loving you too much.
For missing you.
I'm sorry for wanting too see you every day.
For always thinking about you before going to sleep
for feeling up set if i don't see you, for wanting to be by your side.
l'm sorry for wanting to make you happy.
For wanting you to be part of my life for trying to make you smile for dreaming about you every day.
I'm sorry for bothering you.
I'm sorry for replying back as quick as possible.
I'm sorry for getting mad, jealous and sad.
I'am sorry for Being just à simple game.
I'm sorry for thinking that you loved me...
for annoying you with my messages an calls.
I'm sorry for caring about you .
I'm just
SORRY for every single mistake i made .

this is no the first time we f

by ines_mehouachi


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