Dear Lola,
With so much time not spent together, with so many things left unsaid, I just wanted to tell you know a few things. It's been a while we haven't spoken or had any form of communication, we haven't had the chance to even meet in person. Since you left, I have been trying to look for your face in public, I am trying to spot your car in traffic or feel lucky to be invited, to a common friends party, where you would be present, hopefully. There are times when my heart beats fast automatically just like the times when you used to kiss me, I get these thoughts in my head, like it's actually you talking to me. If all this is happening, don't you think we are more then just a memory, we have it all the way till the cosmic energy or being together don't you agree?

I know you have moved on and I hear you are happy, that's all I want to see, only walk around dreaming it could be with me. Today I sip on my drink, to get drunk of my sins, to forget all the things I did, for you to run to him. He is one lucky guy, doesn't realise it, but ask someone who has been missing everything since the beginning.

I hope one day you call me, ask to meet me, no matter if we are old or in our late 80s, for me you will always be pretty. Just like the picture of you when you were a baby. I hate to say this and I don't know if I get a reply I am not expecting one. With all said and done. I love you, you are my favourite one, I miss you, I miss all our fun.




by illicitaffairsoftheheart


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