9 years back this date changed my life
This day of this exact month gave me the biggest joy of my life, I met her, that beautiful girl we all want from our dreams. She was there at the same friends party I was at, never had any introduction done before, while she had been introduced to everyone I know. I had to know this girls name, she has blown my brains by how well she carried herself, suddenly it became a mission to get the courage to go up to her and talk to her. After a couple of hours we ended up talking and clicked right away. That first kiss was like magic.

Today after 9 years have gone by and been 3 years we haven't spoken for, I just wanted to say - I still love you like I did the first day I saw you, I miss you exactly the same way when you went away for uni. There hasn't been a night or day that I haven't stopped thinking about you, I haven't stopped missing you, I can't let go or move on. I hope somewhere you hear this. I hope somewhere you find the heart to love me again.

Hope you are doing awesome. 12/06/06

9 years. Sorry #illicitaffairsof...

by illicitaffairsoftheheart


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