Power Poem

Well, the prophet can sing
about his 'n' all your problems
but what he doesn't know
is that they're fake.
Let's look at the real problem here, son.
You need some fuckin help.


So that's why I'm here today,
ladies and gentlehorses of the court.
I am the answer to all your problems.
Am the Fucking Dragon.

Ok so tell me how you really feel...

I feel like a prophet.
Like the prophet that the world doesn't know they need.
Yet I need someone,
some higher power?
to give strength to my voice
and let it be not only heard,
but understood.
Yet I'm realizing
more and more
that there is no higher power.
The higher power is you.
Deep within is the rawest power,
The power to dream visions so incredible
they seem like just that: dreams
and so we call them dreams,
Until we make them a reality.
And the process repeats and repeats,
Until nothing seems impossible.

Imagine that...
Nothing being impossible!
Then why do I falter?

Don't falter.
The Fucking Dragon does not falter.

Power Poem

by gmontgomery


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