How they(MCC) generate for profits?
- They generate with selling license software packages , get profits from Financial Trading in Forex Market and also get many benefits from Broker Commissions.

What is MCC ‘s Services?
- MCC offer an account management service for our members who purchased the
full license software.
To be able to copy our master trading account, you need to open your own broker account with our partner broker, make the verification process and deposit at least $25,000.
We connect your account and all the trades from our account will be duplicated to yours.

How they(MCC) offer Opportunities for people?
- We bring the opportunity to anybody to generate automatic gains in the trading market in
2 different ways.
The software license & shares will pay
affiliates based on the amount of profits from product sales, trading transactions and brokers’ commisions.
We share profits on a weekly basis with our members. The amount of profits may vary from week to week.

What is Shares Benefits?
- You receive a share for each new member joining the club, even if they aren’t in your team. Depending of your number of shares, you receive an extra passive income paid on a weekly basis.

Can we build Team?
- Yes you can : you can earn 5 different ways from Team Building $$$

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How they(MCC) generate for…

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