Dear Save Yourselves,

I was in love with a man whom suffers from manic depression. It was a cycle of him loving me, and leaving me, over and over again. Each time he comes back he always apologized and said he loves me but he couldn't even love himself, and he left because he knew I deserve better. I tried to help him, I tried so hard for so long. I got him into therapy, I try to motivate him in every way, I remind him he is loved. But each time he just drowns within himself and leave me again. How do you think it feels when you've done all you can and you still couldn't save the person you love?

And now, 9 years after i first met him, and 3 years since I last spoken to him, I realized that I can't save anyone who doesn't want to be saved.

Sometimes life brings you places and in the end I know wherever he is now I will always truly love him. I hope he is still alive, I hope he is happy.

And i need to forgive myself.


Dear Save Yourselves,I was…

by fluidity


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