They told me i was strong.
Everyone keeps telling me how strong i am.
That my strength could bend the ocean, And how i bathe in darkness each night
They speak.
Of how i endured it all,
How i wear it like a secret.

physics stated that, an object is only as strong as it's weakest point.
And i shatter at every touch
Of love that tried to hold me.
How i crumble like fallen leaves on an autumn day in every absence of my father.
And i fade into darkness in every tone of my mother's tongue.
Of every failure,
And the non-stop self loathing,
Of the voices that talk to me at night.
You don't understand.
I'm not strong.
I'm not strong at all.
The only reason i don't ask for help is because i'm terrified.

And i'm terrified all the time.

How could anyone ever think that i was strong.


by fluidity


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