How many times:

Because there are moments
And without them
how would we know
To mind the time

What's left of paper, tobacco
and a bit of cotton
I throw onto a log already red hot
I watch
what was so easily slipped between lips
holds its form
But only this time

What chooses to burn
What refuses

What fires have I started
Only to immediately put out
How much smoke have I inhaled
with ideas too big to write
on my mind

How long does this night fliker
and dance to life on these walls
What is it they remember

How many kingdoms have been built
in the hearts of one-night stands
How much treasure taken
from the palaces of eyes
still soft with love
And waning with goodbyes

How many times did I find the word love
written on post-it notes
underlined three times
each one getting smaller
an inverted pyramid
the scheme of every late night caller

How many moments did I let slip by
Asking for minute
When I needed a lifetime

How many times

~Wade Bush

How many times:MomentsBecause

by fauxhero


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