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What is Notegraphy?

Notegraphy is a web and mobile application that rethinks the way we write and share text online through design. No matter the content or length, Notegraphy assures that your text will be always beautiful.

To sum up, here is our video tour:

Then what?

Notegraphy is the best environment for text. All of them will look good. When you want to spread the word to more people, you can share it on all the main social networks.

Where did the name come from?

Note + Graphy. Note is an english word that means the space where the author can speak their mind. Graphy comes from Greek and it means the study of a work, an art. So, Notegraphy is the art of expressing yourself.

Who can see my Notes?

That depends. If you want everyone to know what are you up to, you can have it open but, if you have written that you prefer to have it just for you and some special friend, you can make a Private Note.

Who is it for?

Notegraphy is for everyone who has something to say but think his text is not receiving the justice it deserves. It is for everyone who doesn't have knowledge in design or just wants to speak their minds in a fresh and cool way.

I hate Social Networks and their frivolous content. Why another one?

Notegraphy is not necessarily a social network but a tool for those who wish to write and share their text in a better way. The social features are there to improve your experience. You shouldn't think about us as another social network but as writing tool, a content generator where you can arrange and showcase everything you write.

Why should I use it?

Why not? Notegraphy brings some light to the online world. While all text are plain black and white, Notegraphy put it in the spotlight. People will give more attention to what you have to say. And, of course, because you are curious.

So, in which circumstances should I use it?

Well, it depends on your mood. You can write a love letter, you can complain about something, do your own revolutionary manifesto, a book, a quote. With Notegraphy's versatility you are able to write everything. Free content, free length.

Can you give me some examples?

We hoped you would ask for this. Here they are:

How do I contact Notegraphy?

If you say Notegraphy three times, someone from our team will show up at your place in 3 minutes. If, by any means, everyone is busy at the moment, you can try reaching us through hello@notegraphy.com.

If you want to give us your opinion about the project, hit the feedback button or send us an email at feedback@notegraphy.com.

If you are a journalist and want to make an interview, click on our press link below or contact us at press@notegraphy.com.

If I'd take Notegraphy out, what would it drink?

That’s your call. Notegraphy would love to share a nice hot chocolate while trying to discover if there are dinosaurs in Heaven. But, if you are more like a rockstar that likes to go to extremes, be careful, Notegraphy endures more than you think. The first one is on us.