I didn't like you when I saw you. I disliked your voice. I thought you were intrusive and gone before we were done. You came in loud and left quietly. I didn't like you or your black jacket. But I missed you until I saw you again. And daily my lips threaded my own chemical waters tasting what yours would feel like in my mouth... And some of the things you told me privately... Too soon. Too personal for having just met me- broke my heart because I already wanted all of you to belong to me. Quietly. Silently - under direction my mouth met yours and it was a kiss that never wanted to end- a connection that shook the room - a release inside my chest that swallowed my breath- it was a test. Restraint. Reacquaint. Listening. You heard me. You saw me and I know because I watched you when you saw me and I told you I wanted to be closer to you physically and you moved with it. Smart. You never gave it away. I did. A little here- a little there but I didn't dare- it was come rely unfair. I never stop thinking about you.

I Never Stop

by elizabethregen


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