I REFUSE to kill any child's father.
I REFUSE to slay any mother's son.
I REFUSE to plunge the bayonet into the breast of any woman's brother, lover or mate.
I REFUSE to murder and deem the slaughter glory.
I REFUSE to butcher with the hands that were intended to serve and to caress.
I REFUSE to soak the earth with blood and blind my reason with obedience.
I REFUSE to assassinate another man and then hide my stained fists in the folds of a bloodstained flag.
I REFUSE to be flattered, cajoled, or driven into hell's nightmare by a class of well-fed snobs, crooks and cowards who despise my class socially, rob my class economically, and betray and oppress it politically.

Let militarism do its worst. I refuse to serve, I decline to kill.

Worker's Pledge in Time of War
by Guy Aldred

Worker's Pledge In Time of War ...

by elitestarquake


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