Ode to the Ice Cap (Off on The Edges of the World)

Tell me, child, where have you gone,
in these long days of summer
when we wallow about in the panting heat,
drinking spiked lemonade and napping in the shade
and rarely wondering if, when winter comes,
you’ll still be standing there
with your impenetrable shield defending that no man’s land
off on the edges of the world.

Oh, child, we forget you so often,
we barely remember even now how important you are,
skirting the balance of this tender Earth,
collecting memories and stories that may soon turn to fables
of “a time when ..” as if there were no time left,
as if our time were indeed running out for the barricades
of behavior in which every action is another reaction for decisions
off on the edges of the world.

Child, know this: we need you to stand strong,
we need you to be the force that we reckon with,
we need you to cover us with the cold truth of reason
so that we can see the lit path forward,
so that each season opens for us yet another chance to prove
once and for all, beyond any shadow of a doubt,
the belief that we can rise to the occasion of immediacy of action
before we tumble into turmoil
off on the edges of the world.

Ode to the Ice Caps (off on the ...

by dogtrax


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