The Riff

She dangled off the riff --
Minor chords
Major chords
Unexpected modulation --
all swirling around her,
their accompaniment, a blanket
meant for warmth.

The riff emerged as illusory,
a hidden sequence, a lost code
of this solo, the perfect notes,
as she teased her way
forward, into the lights,
forgetting the moment, all lost for
finding of the riff,

for here is where the mystery is:
She heard it
but could not find it,
could not play it,
could not own it --
the riff so elusive
that it dug deep into her mind,
spinning like a beetle on a pin,

and she's still working
that riff, even now,
long after the last sounds
of applause died down
and out.

- Kevin Hodgson, for #GloPoWriMo

The Riff

by dogtrax


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